Recent Submissions

  • Cities Coping with COVID-19: 

    Simon, David; Arano, Angeles; Cammisa, Mariana; Perry, Beth; Pettersson, Sara; Valencia, Sandra; Oloko, Michael; Sharma, Tarun; Vora, Yutika; Smit, Warren; Riise, Jan (Tylor and Francis Group, 2021-03-29)
    This Symposium represents an experimental format within CITY, as the latest part of the relaunched journal’s efforts to diversify its contents and attract new readers, especially among communities of practice engaged in ...
  • Development of decision support system for sustainable participatory sub-catchment water resources management in the face of deteriorating climatic conditions 

    Oloko, Michael; Omamo, Amos; Okotto, Lorna G.; Angawa, Francis; Were, Pamela; Nyunja, Regina; Osika, Oscar (JOOUST, 2015-06-24)
    Kenya has put in a lot of effort to enhance water resources management for the last 20years. This is evident in the review of the National Policies on Water Resources Management to focus on separation of functions, ...
  • Best practices to solid waste management within informal settlement - the case of Kisumu 

    Oloko, Michael O.; Campos, María José Zapata; Odhiambo, Nicholas; Agong', Stephen G.; Kain, Jaan-Henrik; Zapata, Patrik; Nyakinda, Belinda (JOOUST, 2015-06-24)
    Kisumu City generates about 437 tons of solid waste per day, 63% of which is organic in nature. With a collection efficiency of 20%, most of the solid waste remains uncollected especially within the informal settlements ...